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دار ألـسـلام

حنش←ø₪→ﻋﮨﯾפﮱ: يسأل عليك ;):rofl:
ﺤﯿפ®☻ﭑﻟ́̉ﺤﻨﯿن: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة ' الــعــراق']
►ﭨ…ףך→↹←ﻤﺸﮕ∫ﮩ◄: س ع
►ﺸﺮﺲƒβĪ‏ﮔﺂﺮﺛﻪ◄: :1143:
♥nazi♥: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'ٱلـะﮨﮨﮨ‏ะﻤﭑوﮤ']
ﺧﻀﯾן◄►ﭑﻠגﻠﯾﻣﻱ: مو كلنا تم فوتو
عمر سبورت؟: =c
حنش←ø₪→ﻋﮨﯾפﮱ: :):rofl:
►ﭨ…ףך→↹←ﻤﺸﮕ∫ﮩ◄: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة ' :Dﺧģﺧąﮥ8oƒ8oﻣژٱﺠي:D‏ ‏']
►ﻤﻐךףך♥ﭘﭽﻤใﻠﻲ◄: ‏_سبدج
●―άѓάš☺šώέđί―•: واي واي:rofl:8o:1107:
حنش←ø₪→ﻋﮨﯾפﮱ: ن ت التمجمج:-p:rofl:
►ﺸﺮﺲƒβĪ‏ﮔﺂﺮﺛﻪ◄: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'ﺂﮨﺸرگ8o ﻣﺂﻳﮬﻣﭨﻱ;)ףﺟףפﮓ=b']
آنـ♥ـوٌسـ♥ـهّ: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة ' الــعــراق']
حـﮧﮧﮧـن‏ ﺸﻗ∫ףﮩ: [دخـل الغـرفـة]

♥nazi♥: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'پــاســارگــاد<3ایــران']
►ﻧـﻘـﭑ«ĆђǻŦ»ﺶ◄: حسن لا اناطيب:rofl:
DR.MAMAD 15: جنجن
سآحگ►☻◄®ףﺲ: حبيبج يعيل بيه:-( :rofl:
DR.MAMAD 15: طس
∫ﺤะﮍ∫ﻥ←♥→ﻓะﺘﻮﻥ: فديتك حسون<3
DR.MAMAD 15: اس
ﻟะﯿـ♥ĹĖǺŃ♥ـะﭑﻦ: هف نت زفت
►ﻧـﻘـﭑ«ĆђǻŦ»ﺶ◄: تم نشر صورتي ع فيس:rofl:
«ألسـॐ♥ॐـﭑهڑ»™: روم السماوه خط اخمر اترك الخلاف على جنب
DR.MAMAD 15: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة '♥فـقـــــط اﻨســـانیــت♥']
حـﮧﮧﮧـن‏ ﺸﻗ∫ףﮩ: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'دار ألـسـلام']
ﻋऎﻠـǥﺶ←ॐ→ךףﺴऎﻲ: تم لايك

لنانية>¤<ﺸقفة: 0096171986324 لبحب يحاكيني وتسأب
لنانية>¤<ﺸقفة: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'ﭑ́ﻶم̀ـہﺈر∫ت']
∫ﮨॆﻦ—♥—ﮕॆๅﮕॆףﮓ: ثانك من نسنسنسنس
ﮨﮨﮨﻔﻴـڑ♥ﭑﻞिﺸףﮓ: :rofl:حيات
هارب من القدر: سفير :(عارب :rofl:
♦ﻣﮩاﺟﺮ↔ﻳاقلب♦: عندج فايبر
♦ﻣﮩاﺟﺮ↔ﻳاقلب♦: واجب
ﻤะﮍﺂﻢ°♥°ﮔﭘﮍﻴ∫ء: مرسی خیتو بس ذبیتنی بلشک انتی ابنیه لو فحل:1211:
ﮨﮨﮨﻔﻴـڑ♥ﭑﻞिﺸףﮓ: :rofl:مرام
هارب من القدر: فحل :rofl::rofl:
ŞะĄะŖะĄ: سفيرعيب
∫ﮨॆﻦ—♥—ﮕॆๅﮕॆףﮓ: :1191:
♦ﻣﮩاﺟﺮ↔ﻳاقلب♦: لنابيه عندج فايبر
ŞะĄะŖะĄ: أنابنت
ﮨﮨﮨﻔﻴـڑ♥ﭑﻞिﺸףﮓ: شنو عيب ساره

لنانية>¤<ﺸقفة: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'كـركـوك']
ﭑﻤ»ﮧףﺖžﮨﮧפףﻧﮓ: وضع لنانية>¤<ﺸقفة في حالة "القراءة فقط" بسبب : خوش رقم
حسسووووودآقهها: خرب تاج مامشتغل جنت دافرها:1119:
جـ♥ـي فـايـ♥ـן: حسو ابيا روم يتواجد دائما أني ما أعرفه
ﺮﻴिﺾโﻠﺑﺼךโﻮﻲ: خروج
حسسووووودآقهها: شعرفني جان صاحب روم اسطنبول:1270:
ﭑﻤ»ﮧףﺖžﮨﮧפףﻧﮓ: حسو عوف القصف ماعندك نسخ مال قصف هسه
حسسووووودآقهها: بحفظه:*
حـــ♥ـــلا: بكير
جـ♥ـي فـايـ♥ـן: لحظه
حسسووووودآقهها: 9نكات كافي:1114:
ﭑﻤ»ﮧףﺖžﮨﮧפףﻧﮓ: بحفضه
جـ♥ـي فـايـ♥ـן: [إنتقل إلى الغرفة 'اسـطـنـبـول']
عاشق**الورد: [دخـل الغـرفـة]
حسسووووودآقهها: لحزات ع كولت دلب دلبي:1119:
More about Live Chat


July 1, 2014:
Today updates:
- improved ban/unban mechanism;
- added possibility to attach description for money transfer between users.

April 5, 2014:
Following updates rolled:
- new service added: change room background;
- price for market ad decreased to 1.00;
- made possible to change owner by creator;
- merchants are grouped by countries now;
- you can set/withdraw RO to/from users for other rooms than your current;
- added possibility to login by ID + password;
- added possibility to change room type (Common or Private);
- added possibility to change room language;
- added "Contact owner" to room information menu;
- added possibility to "Remove user from your Ignore-list" to "About user" menu;
- increase room antiflood time to 1 hour;
- added possibility to enter RGB-value for room background, nick color and user text in room;
- added possibility to search room by ID and to search user by his ID;
- added informational messages to room about adding/removing room moderator and changing room owner;
- it's possible now to kick SM from private rooms;
- fixed bugs and typo.

October 10, 2013:
Today update contains following changes:
- fixed ranks of users;
- added private messages history per user;
- added crown for SM in newsline;
- reordered menus according to usage statistics;
- a bunch of other small fixes and optimizations.

April 2, 2013:
Today rollup contains:
- added time left to voting end for "Best week photo" and "Supermoderator" voting;
- added possibility to set in Read-only from "Who in room" form;
- fixed "Many marry/friendship connection requests";
- set prize back to $100 for "Best week photo";
- bunch of smaller fixes, rewordings, etc.

February 5, 2013:
Today updates:
- added "rooms in which I am moderator" and "rooms which I created" sections;
- increased number of records in ContactBook to 25 per page;
- added possibility to vote for best week photo 3 or 10 times in a row;
- increased prize for best week photo from 100 bonuses to 300;

January 6, 2013:
New service for changing nick color was added. Use it to change your nick color in chat from default (black) to any which you like

December 5, 2012:
It's one more step more difficult now to make flood in rooms. Users are advised to have limited number of "Confirmed" nicks (which some flooders use to make flood).

November 7, 2012:
New version 2.2.1 released. Please, refer to,, for downloading it.
Added features:
-extended list of available servers
-mechanism of testing and replacing available/filtered servers (specialy for iranian users)
-removed two-forked information sending/receiving via socket (decrease DC in some cases)

Fixed bugs:
-File sending over http (happened with 2nd http server)
-Main chat offset up for populated rooms

August 15, 2012:
- geographical location added - you can find LiveChat users near you or check distance to your friends
- now, if some nick blocked/banned - you can see the reason
- on user creation, city also attached to user (if found)

August 2, 2012:
- Servers performance improved, so you should not notice any response lags. We did a lot of work regarding scalability and there are still a lot things to do.
- Fixed bug: "news line not showed"

May 31, 2012:
If you are using LiveChat version older than 2.2.0 - please, consider download (from and switching to 2.2.0 , because support for older versions will be closed soon

April 13, 2012:
Updates: moderators can't kick each other from private room

March 10, 2012:
Today updates:
- added photoalbums;
- added possibility to make your profile "Unconfirmed" again (if you need to change registered phone number)

January 27, 2012:
- Profile confirmation and automatic restore password can be tracked now in Purse history;
- Profile confirmation phone number now visible in your Questionnaire;
- Allowed password restore for currently logged in nick;
- Fixed "Invited By".
- Manual password restore price increased to $5.00. Please, use automatic password restore for confirmed profiles.
- Minor translation corrections.

January 23, 2012:
Today we rolled updated which will help you with automatic recovery of confirmed profiles. So, if you have confirmed profile - you can recover password to it without administrator help.

November 12, 2011:
- updated WAP-site,;
- added language autodect for 2.2.0 english version;
- updated SMS-numbers for purse replenish by SMS;
- bug fixes.

November 5, 2011:
LiveChat version 2.2.0 released! Download it from

Added features:
- Full 128 bit data ciphering - any hacker, internet provider or government cannot catch and read your sending/receiving encripted messages or files
- Smile choicer whith text entering
- Vibration for private messages
- Location detection for phones with GPS supporting (need in server improving)
- Error alert showing when server has maintances
- Screen rotation for phones with gravitation detector
- Drag by touchscreen for all screen forms
- Drag by touchscreen pointer items in lists (up and down)
- Drag by touchscreen pointer items in chat (up and down)
- Phone contacts records reader for next SMS sending
- Arabic writing for main menu
- Images for file reader
- Increased a bit sensitivity of touchscreen for buttons
- Cursor position freezing till select message in chat
- Room message sending from any window by using #key or touchscreen in buttom place of chat

Fixed bugs:
- Enter(Ok)/Touchscreen not permit to navigate via catalogs in filesystem
- Main menu hold navigation by touchscreen
- For large icons not show correct list with 1 record in it
- Cannot show popup menu for last record in main chat by touchscreen
- A lot other minor bugs fixed

November 5, 2011:
increased prize for best photo voting from $10.00 to $100.00

November 3, 2011:
- added new service "Make gift". Use it to send gift to user which you like. Currently, Rose available, but more gift types will be added later.

October 31, 2011:
- user can follow other user when someone exiting from room;